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1,Aluminium alloy housing,compact design,dust-free,water-proof,thermostability,indoor and outdoor use, eg,dance clubs,bars,color buildings'inner and outer walls! 2,LED display,easy to use;allow to use DMX to control;
Voltage: 110V-220V  50/60HZ;
Beam angle£º15/20/30/60¡ã
IP Rating: IP66
DMX_CH Mode:    10/3/4/3(CH);
Control Mode:   DMX512, Auto, Master/Slave;
Other function:   1: include self-programming mode;
                  2: White balance adjustment; 
                  3: Slave units can download self-programming from master unit;

Available model in this housing:

RGB54_1W:R-1W/18PCS;G-1W/18PCS;B-1W/18PCS  Power:60W
RGB54_3W:R-3W/18PCS;G-3W/18PCS;B-3W/18PCS  Power:160w
RGBW/A54-1W:R-1W/14PCS;G-1W/14PCS;B-1W/14PCS;W/A-1W/12PCS  Power:60W
RGBW/A54-3W:R-3W/14PCS;G-3W/14PCS;B-3W/14PCS;W/A-3W/12PCS  Power:160W
W/A54_1W:W-1W/27PCS;A-1W/27PCS   Power:60W
W/A54_3W:W-3W/27PCS;A-3W/27PCS   Power:160W
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