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2 lens DJ laser light

New 2 lens dj laser light
40mW 532nm green laser,TE-cooled+100mW 405nm Violet laser
Micro-stepping motor scanner with big angle scanning 
Operating modes:Auto, Sound active, Master/Slave & DMX
After 8 seconds without sound laser will be shut down automatically
Dynamic scan speed adjust
Dynamic pattern speed adjust 
LED indicator displays the status of the POWER
Sound sensitivity control 
Fan cooled
Applicable for Disco, Pub, Bar, Clubs, Large stage, Entertainment center, Casinos, Family party etc

GV £º 40mW Green+100mW Violet
GRGV: 25mW Green +80mW Red l+25mW Green +100mW Violet 
RR: 80mW 650nm red +100mW 650nm red 
RG: 80mW 650nm red +40mW 532nm green 
BB: 300mW 450nm blue +300mW 450nm blue 
GG: 100mW Green +100mW Green
VV: 100mW 405nm Violet +100mW 405nm Violet 
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