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2.8W RGB

New ! 2.800mW RGB full color laser light
2.800mW RGB full color laser light

Technical Specifications:
 Lasers Diodes:  DPSS Diode Laser 1000mW /635nm (Red) Analog modulation 
                 DPSS Diode Laser 800mW / 532nm (Green) Analog modulation
                 DPSS Diode Laser 1000mW / 450nm (Blue) Analog modulation
Laser protection class: 4 
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Scan speed: ILDA35Kpps
Control mode: ILDA, DMX 512, sound, automatic & PC software 
PC laser show software: Pangolin, Phoenix, Ishow, and etc. (via ILDA port) 
Feature: LCD display, DMX and ILDA automatic switching, 
Basic patterns: 128/256 gobos + animations
Cooling method: Fan cooling 
Laser Safety: compliance to IEC 60825-1, having Key On/Off switch, that can prevent unauthorized use. With Scan fail system (it¡¯s safe to people and enviroment)
Accessories: power cable, DMX Signal Cable, manual, key.
Note: SD Card Function, Emergency Stop Switch are optional
power supply: 110V~240V AC 50/60 Hz
Rated power: 200W
Condition temperature: -10¡æ~+35¡æ
Size: 36 x 25 x (25+12) mm (L x W x H)
Net weight: 22 kg 
Gross weight: 32 kg (Standard Flight Case Package) 
 Both modules are equipped with 3-Axis mirrors.

Available Model:
2  W   RGB: 500mW/635nm Red, 500mW/532nm Green, 1000mW/450nm
2.1 W   RGB: 1300mW/650nm Red, 300mW/532nm Green, 500mW/450nm
2.8 W   RGB: 1000mW/635nm Red, 800mW/532nm Green, 1000mW/450nm
3.1 W   RGB: 1300mW/650nm Red, 800mW/532nm Green, 1000mW/450nm
3.6 W   RGB: 1000mW/635nm Red, 1000mW/532nm Green, 1600mW/450nm
4  W   RGB: 1000mW/635nm Red, 1000mW/532nm Green, 2000mW/450nm
4.3 W   RGB: 2300mW/650nm Red, 1000mW/532nm Green, 1600mW/450nm
5  W   RGB: 1000mW/635nm Red, 2000mW/532nm Green, 1000mW/450nm
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